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But first, comments from myself. Look down if you really need to know now.

-=- FoX66: -=-

Adobe Flash is much easier than I thought. Actionscript 3.0 is what is hard. That had me pulling out my hair for at least three days. I realized the hard way that there is a stop function, rather then adding 10,000 frames to one scene. Knowledge is good... very good.

I have so many flash ideas that I am getting side tracked from other projects. I need to pick one so I can have work to my name, not just the band.

The band has much more to say then I do, obviously...

-=- Nexus Of A Crisis: -=-

Max Rouch, treasured bassist, friend, and who's last name is of a local Honda dealer... Has left the band. Twas a sad day for the other three of us. We still keep in touch though. He is there at school, so it is not like he vanished. Apparently, being a senior in high school, life got in the way of his other hobbies. He has time for work and school and that is about it. Life is a bitch, and then you die.

Luckily, our old bassist, Josh Spence, was more then happy to fill the spot. I do not know why, only for this reason. Jacob Fornof, our lead guitarist, vocalist, and 'manager' you could say, called Josh and invited him into N.O.A.C. on the terms of a 'Temporary Bassist.' I wanted to slap Jacob at the time, because in normal circumstances, that would draw people away. Am I right?

But, Josh was happy to be in a band again, under whatever terms it seems... Good news for us. One, we have a bassist again (Though the time span from when we lost Max and got Josh was literally, less than a day). Two, we get reacquainted with an old friend on good terms once more. Three, we have a bassist for recordings coming up soon.

On the First weekend of February, the seventh and the eighth, we are recording at Capital House Productions. We are doing two of our songs, In Silence and Insanely So. Expect to find them here on Newgrounds around the twelfth. I might post them earlier, maybe later. It depends when Mark at Capital House Productions gives us the master recording. I just chose a date so you guys know when to expect them.

More good news. We write our songs on a program called Guitar Pro. This program has a nifty feature that plays the written notes through RSE or MIDI. Jacob recently figured out how to get the written songs in a WAV format, so we can transfer the files and post them here. Unfortunately, it does not work with lyrics. It can do a variety of instruments, from a sitar to an ocarina, but a vocal track is out of the question as of right now. So, we can only post instrumentals through this fashion. We have two in the making, and we will get them here eventually... maybe.

We are creeping ever closer to a show. Once Josh gets up to speed, which should not take long, and Jacob and Andrew think we are ready -which may take awhile. It depends on a variety of factors other than self-esteem issues and the paranoia of failing on stage- we will do a show. We want to do one mid February. We will see how it plays out.

Other then that, which was quite a lot, nothing else to report at the moment. Do us a favor and check out our Myspace. I do not personally go on it, but Andrew, Jacob, and Josh are on the all the time. They do not have much to do... Though, I cannot say much for myself since I spent twenty minutes of my time to do this.

I got side tracked it seems... Check out our Myspace.